Support Napa Valley Students by funding a live band for Grad Nite!

Graduating High School can be one of the most memorable and proud moments for any student and their family.

Grad Nite for Napa County Students is a day for students to come together and celebrate their achievements.

The attendance numbers for Napa County High School's Grad Nite have hit an all time low citing a lack of diversity in music for our kids. Students have requested a live Mexican band to perform throughout the night to encourage more students to join in and celebrate in this year's festivities.

The goal of Grad Nite is to keep all our local graduates safe on such an important night of their lives! The band, La Vinera, has agreed to perform at Grad Nite on June 8th from 10pm-1am. 

This is a last minute addition to the night and is therefore not in the budget. 

We are looking for community partners to help make his happen. The cost is $4400. 

Please consider donating to Grad Nite to help make this happen.


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