"Alone we can do so little, but
together we can do so much."
                                                                           - Helen Keller

Membership Fees $40.00 ( per year )

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What does it mean to become a NCHN member?

By becoming a member you support the mission of the Napa County Hispanic Network of promoting higher education, building community partnership, and achieving an equal voice on countywide issues affecting the Hispanic community.


What do you do as a member?

  • Donate time

  • Donate money

  • Join a committee

  • Empower the Latino community

  • Promote higher education

  • Build community partnerships


Are there any benefits?

  • Invitations to exclusive social gatherings held by the Network

  • Priority seating during the Annual Scholarship Gala

  • Receive a Napa County Hispanic Network pin

  • Learn and stay updated on important community events affecting Latinos


Is there a fee?

Yes, membership fee is $40 per year.  Membership starts the first day of January and ends on the last day of December.  


Are there different types of ways to be involved?

Yes.  Get involved!  Join the movement! Become a member, make a donation or donate your time and talents.  Our membership is as diverse as our community and we welcome new members of all ethnic backgrounds.  We are an all volunteer organization and depend heavily on the generosity of people like you to create positive and meaningful change in our community.


Join a Committee:

  • Gala Committee  

  • Scholarship Committee  

  • Latino Heritage Committee

  • Membership Committee  

  • Community Engagement Committee  

  • Alumni Recipients Committee

  • Educational Guidance for Recipients Committee

  • Donor Engagement Committee


Become a Board Member:

The Napa County Hispanic Network consists of five (5) Executive Directors: President, Immediate Past-President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; and up to another eight (8) Board Officers.

Elections are held in the fall of each year to elect the Board of Directors for the following fiscal year.  Active/Paid members with a desire to be on the Board of Directors must make their wishes known to the Vice President to get on the list of running candidates.   

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