Jose Hernandez  -  Past President

Accomplishments: Implemented our first monthly email monthly newsletter. Part of the 25th year anniversary NCHN Scholarship Anniversary with 25 scholarships given out. Began trying to establish monthly NCHN community meetings in St. Helena


Bio: His Passion Is Educating Our Youth. José Hernández serves as a faculty member and Director of the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement and the HSISTEM Grant  Programs at Napa Valley College. He is a bay area native and lives with his wife Renée  in Napa since 1996. Recognized for demonstrated leadership and achievement within his profession, he is a motivational speaker, educational presenter and community advocate, and serves on various Boards:past President of the Napa County Hispanic Network, Napa Valley Community Housing, The Napa LandTrust, Napa Valley Community Housing, CyberMill, Latino Leadership Roundtable, Leadership Napa Valley etc. He also serves on local and statewide educational committees. He earned a B.A. in Latin American Studies from UCLA, postgraduate work in social science and counseling and is ABD at University of La Verne in Educational Leadership.With over thirty years of experience in the field of education, he has contributed to successful national proposals in the TRIO community including Upward Bound and Talent Search. Recent funded proposals include Special Projects MESA Grant, the Hewlett-Packard Community College Pre-Engineering/Computer Science Grant Award, MESA, the HSI STEM Grant and Federal Department of Transportation DD Eisenhower Fellowship Program. He has presented at local, statewide and national educational venues.

Roberto García  -  Past President

Roberto García, socio fundador del Napa County Hispanic Network. Ahora residente de Mérida, Yucatán, México Napa inició en 1988 hasta 1993. Con mucho gusto serví como Presidente del Napa County Hispanic Network durante cinco años ! Me da mucho gusto saber que siguen trabajando positivamente para nuestros jóvenes y comunidad en general. Les deseo mucha suerte y que sigan adelante. 


1.- Inicio del NCHN

2.- Elección de la mesa directiva

3.- Reuniones al medio día de representantes de las organizaciones que sirven a la comunidad Hispana

4.- Cambio al horario de la tarde para incluir a más personas

5.- Iniciar programa de becas estudiantiles para jóvenes de la Napa y Vintage High Schools

6.- Primer evento para recaudar fondos en el restaurante Pasta House de Browns Valley ($ 18.00 p/p)

7.- Adquirir estatus "No lucrativo" para ser exentos de impuestos

8.- Incluir en el programa de becas a estudiantes de las escuelas de Santa Helena, Calistoga y Napa Valley College

9.- Iniciar relaciones con el Centro Cultural Mexicano del Consulado General de México en San Francisco

10.- Presentación de eventos culturales para recaudar fondos

        a) Exposición sobre las obras de Diego Rivera y  Frida Kahlo

        b) Conciertos de música clásica

        c) Ballet Folklorico

11.- Eventos anuales para presentar las becas

12.- Invitar a personalidades del medio de televisión para que fungen como maestros de ceremonia en nuestros eventos 

13.- Aumentar la cantidad monetaria de las becas. Las primeras fueron solo de 250 Dólares 

14.- Hacer las juntas interesantes para atraer a más representantes de las diferentes dependencias que sirven a nuestra comunidad. Ejemplo: Alcalde, Jefe de Policía, Doctores, Sacerdotes de la Iglesia San Juan Bautista, etc.

15.- Organizar reuniones con el enfoque a problemas que afectan a nuestra comunidad, tales como: Pandillas, Salud y abandono de las escuelas


[ Translation ]

Roberto Garcia, a founding member of the Napa County Hispanic Network. Now a resident of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Served in 1988-1993. Gladly I served as President of the Napa County Hispanic Network for five years! I am pleased to know that continuing to work positively for our youth and community. I wish you good luck and move on.


1. Start NCHN

2. Election of the board

3. Meetings at noon of representatives of organizations that serve the Hispanic community

4. Change the schedule later to include more people

5. Start program of scholarships for youth in the Napa and Vintage High Schools

6. First fundraiser at the Pasta House restaurant Browns Valley ($ 18.00 p / p)

7. Acquire status "Nonprofit" to be exempt from tax

8. Include in the program of scholarships for students from schools in St. Helena, Calistoga and Napa Valley College

9. Initiate links with the Mexican Cultural Center of the Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco

10. Presentation of cultural events to raise funds

a) Exhibition on the works of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

b) Classical Concerts

c) Ballet Folklorico

1. Annual events to present scholarships

12. Invite via television personalities to serve as emcees at our events

13. Increase the monetary amount of the grants. The first were only 250 Dollars

14. Make insightful together to attract more representatives from the different agencies that serve our community. Example: Mayor, Chief of Police, doctors, priests of the Church of San Juan Bautista, etc.

15. Organize meetings with the approach to issues affecting our community, such as gangs, Health and abandonment of schools


Teresa Foster  -  Past President

Accomplishments: President from 1996 to 1997

Teresa Foster Immigration Consultant, Past President of NCHN and Ambassador of Napa County Hispanic Network. I was Vice-President for 3 years; by the time I became President in 1996, I realized that you needed that exposure to be a more “seasoned” President in order to build a stronger organization.  


·         Current Vice-President will become the next President, for better knowledge of the Board of Directors and continuity of new projects

·         Two-Year term for President instead of one

·         Implement the idea to increase the Board of directors from 6 up to 15 members

·         The Student of the Month program (where all Napa Valley high schools participated), with 3 to 4  students presented each month, along with their parents, at our monthly meeting.

·         Initiated with NCHN President, Leon Garcia the Página Bilingue at the Napa Register (My office donated a photograph of each Student of the Month for the Página Bilingue/Napa Register)

·         KVON Radio Show "Hablando de Inmigración y Más" (where we announced and promoted our meetings, invited guests and students of the month)

·         Continue bringing guest speakers to our monthly meetings to talk about items important to the Hispanic community.  The Mayor, D.A., Chief of Police, CEO of QVC, Clinic Olé doctors,  are just some of the many invitees.

·         Started making calls to all members, asking for an rsvp to the meetings, successfully bringing in 40 people every month to attend

·         Lifetime Achievement Award to honor Latino Leaders

·         Gathering in January to introduce the new board of Directors to members

·        Changed the Gala from March to a more suitable month in the Fall

·         Carried out many outreach talks to the High Schools and Middle Schools about our scholarship program


Bio: Teresa Foster was born and raised in Mexico City.  She is an immigration consultant who identifies with her clients, of which 80% are Latinos.  She understands their needs, their culture, their language and heritage.Teresa supports and stays close to the community, volunteering her time to outreach.  She produces a bilingual radio talk-show. She is the host of the award-winning TV show, Charlando con…Teresa Foster.  “My goal,” she says, “is to educate our community on the issues that quite often are totally new to them.”    


In addition to her service on the radio and TV, Teresa was active on the board of directors of the Napa County Hispanic Network, of which she was President and received a “Lifetime Achievement” as well as “Friend of the Network”.   She was a member of the Queen of the Valley Medical Center Board of Trustees, as well as the Community Outreach with Health Care for the Poor committee and Chair of the Latino Advisory Board; Advisory Committee of COPIA; Board of Directors for Hospice of Napa, and she wrote the column “Crossing the Line”, which at one point appeared in 7 newspapers in northern California; and the Napa Valley Museum with La Maleta Mexicana.  In addition, she was also the Chair of the Chamber Connection and the Chair for the Latino Advisory Committee with Queen of the Valley Medical Center.


Teresa is currently involved with the following boards: Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Napa Valley Adult School, for which she received the California State “Citation of Merit Award,” Ole Health, Ambassador of Napa County Hispanic Network, Latino Leaders Roundtable Luncheon and member of the Women’s Club. She was the first Latina to address nearly 3,000 new citizens at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco, where she herself was sworn in as a United States citizen.  It’s clear that Teresa Foster has followed in the footsteps of her pioneer role models, which has helped to forge her into one herself.


Leon García  -  Past President

From 1994 to 1995. 


My recollection is I was president for 1 year after Roberto Garcia. I was the Treasurer when we incorporated as a non-profit. Attended the first scholarship fund raiser - at the Browns Valley Pasta House.  We raised about $500!  Amazing how times have changed.


During my active years we were successful in saving bi-lingual councilors at the high school,  we convinced the Napa Register to print a community page in Spanish, held our first big fund raiser at Silverado Country Club. - $4,000, advocated for affordable housing before the Napa City Council - marched from St. John's to City Hall with a huge following of supporters, hosted governors from Zacatecas and Michoacan; Initiated the Sister-City with Zacatecas  


And a lot of other good things.  Hay mucho mas!


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