The Napa County Hispanic Network is the oldest Latino Non-Profit Organization in Napa County in partnership with Latino Heritage and Task Force for Public Safety.

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"It’s amazing what we can do when we come together."


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"The Napa County Hispanic Network (NCHN) was established in 1983 by local Latino leaders of the community with the intent of being an information sharing alliance. The Network is involved in collaborating with public and private agencies on critical issues affecting the Latino Community.”


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"The mission of the Napa County Hispanic Network (NCHN) is to establish various collaborative relationships within our community and advocate for cultural, educational and leadership opportunities for our Latino communities.”


Become a volunteer and partake in our events. All are welcome to serve on one, or multiple of our committees to help advance the NCHN’s mission.
our COVID Update
Let’s be frank, this year has been a roller coaster for people across our world, state, and valley. COVID-19 has had a serious impact on all of us. It would be turning a blind eye if we didn’t note that Latinx and other communities of color have taken the brunt of the deadly virus. Before the pandemic, many families were living paycheck-to-paycheck. Many Latinos have been and continue to be essential workers. Poverty, inequities, the jobs that they perform, as well as housing conditions have led this to be the perfect recipe for the virus to spread quickly. Many businesses hit hard economically due to the closures to help reduce the spread. Like many agencies, the NCHN had to face the realities of this year, and decided to postpone our annual gala to 2021. This has led to a financial strain, especially, as the gala serves as our only fundraising opportunity of the year. We do understand that our communities are in need now more than ever, which is why we decided to provide scholarships to 32 well-deserved high-achieving students this year.
At the same time, we’ve being doing other smaller scale fundraisers and strategies to provide 30 scholarships or more in 2021. With the gala being postponed, it’s brought us unexpected realities. You can help us by clicking here, and your dollars will help students and their families achieve their goal, to continue with their education. One of the many ways we’ve been supporting our community during this difficult time has been by helping out at food distribution centers for families that have had reduced wages due to the pandemic. Additionally, we’ve been keeping our residents informed of important updates that our local governments have shared as we are a trusted agency for many in our community. Lastly, we have been working to put our own food distribution program for those that need it in the winter months. This year has brought more than we could have ever imagined. We have been faced with two fires that have been ravaging our Napa Valley. Destroying or impacted wineries, homes, jobs, and much more. That is why the NCHN has stepped up to provide vetted and timely information to our community via our social media platforms. We continue our commitment because we know that we will overcome all these obstacles. We are resilient, and a community of givers who help one another out in good times and in times of needWe are #NapaStrong

-  Ricky Hurtado

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"Giving is not just about giving a donation. It's about making a difference."
- Kathy Calvin
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Without the generous support of the communityalumni and friends, financial aid at NCHN would not be possible. Become a donor today to help our Non-Profit organization and the students we award scholarships to every year.
Interested in becoming a part of the NCHN and volunteering your time to make a difference in our Latino Community? Send us an email or call to become a part of our team!
(707) 812-1054 
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