Serving our latino community since 1983

The NCHN has led the way in providing a resources to our Latino Community in Napa County. The main focus has been to raise funding for college scholarships. They have awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships to 300+ students and growing every year thanks to our generous donors.

to our applicants
Born and raised in our community, I became the first member of my family to attend a higher education institution and receive a degree. There were mentors, many of whom were in the NCHN, helping me be where I am today. After college I came back to Napa to ensure our youth have the same opportunities I had while growing up. In 2013, I had the privilege of serving on the board with many of the mentors that I had looked up to. Fast-forward to 2018, I got elected as the Board President. Our mission motivates me to support our youth, advocate for cultural, educational and leadership opportunities. However, this is a team effort. I, nor the Board of Directors could do this alone, which is why I would like to thank our donors, supporters and volunteers.

Ricky Hurtado

President Note

How do I apply?

Applying to the NCHN is the first step to receiving your award if you are chosen. The application, essay and form completion is the first step. There are a few mandatory events to attend to become part of the NCHN community as Scholarship Recipient. If you are interested in becoming a 2016 Napa County Hispanic Network Scholarship Recipient continue to the Scholarship Application Form below.

Step 1:  Download and print application form.




Step 2:  Fill out and send to:

NCHN P.O. Box 6227,  Napa, CA 94581


Step 3:  Email professional photo to:

Subject Line must include Name & School


(Example Subject: Maria Oviedo Napa High School attached Large, well lit photo, example Senior Photo below)







frequently asked questions
Q:  When is the application due
 A: Typically end of January early February  
Q:  I applied last year,
     can I re-apply?
 A: Yes! Please submit again. 
Q: I don’t live in Napa County, will I be considered?
 A: Preference is given to current Napa County residents  
Q: When will I be notified if I’m selected as a recipient? 
 A: Typically Late March or Early April. 

past recipient

"you are always a student. never a master. you have to keep moving forward."
jesus prado
-  Napa HS

I'm captain of my track team demonstrating  leadership, respect, and compassion. While also on the Honor Roll and Lamp of Knowledge with a 4.0 GPA, 1590 SAT with 18 Advanced Placement classes. I will attend Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI thanks to the NCHN. My goal is to earn a doctorate in physical therapy and use my bilingual skills to help people

My supportive soccer coaches helped my confidence and composure through difficult obstacles. My hardworking ancestry reinforces my dedication to my dreams and academics by earning a 4.23 GPA including 10 Advanced Placement classes. My goal is to major in Sports Medicine at UC Davis with determination to give back to my Latino community through medicine. I'm thankful to the NCHN for their help.

-  Calistoga HS

scholarship gallery

"Memories never fade."
"making more memories every gala.
this is only the beginning."
- Nchn -
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