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"If you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world."
-Erin Gruwell

The Napa County Hispanic Network members help communities to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in their local area. They work with individuals, families and whole communities to empower them to:


  • Identify their assets, needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities;
  • Plan what they want to achieve and take appropriate action;
  • Develop activities and services to generate aspiration and confidence.


A community development worker often acts as a link between communities and a range of other local authority and voluntary sector providers, such as the police, social workers and teachers. They are frequently involved in addressing inequality, and projects often target communities perceived to be culturally, economically or geographically disadvantaged.

Community Perspective
Teresa Foster
Q:  What is a professional?
 A:  Someone who brings the work they perform to a level of excellence, dedication and passion that sets an example for others to admire and follow.  I have always aspired to reach this level, and will continue to do so, as long as there is work to be done. 
Alfredo Pedroza
Q: What is education?
A: Education is my competitive advantage. It is my fuel for my ambitious and foundation for career aspirations.
Maria L. Cisneros
Q:  What is a professional?
A:  A professional is an individual that has followed their passion and applies that passion with integrity, diligence and is aware of the needs of their community.  My passion is education. 
Vicka Llamas
Q: What is education?
A: Education for me is acheiving my parents dreams, The American Dream. Education is the fuel that I use to ensure that I continue to inspire and motivate others to believe...porque ¡Sí Se Puede!
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