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Friends of the network
The NCHN is proud to support our community in various forms. One of the ways we’re able to do that is by advocating for our Latino community by serving in various committees, including:
  • Congressman Mike Thompson’s Immigration Advisory Committee
  • Napa County’s Election Division’s Language Access Committee (LAC)
  • Policing Roundtable with Police Chief Plummer & Sherriff John Robertson
A side from serving on these committees, the NCHN advocates for the interest of our community at City Councils throughout our valley, as well as through the County Government.
Friends of the Network awards go to individuals who have assisted the network in meeting its mission of promoting higher education, building community partnerships and achieving an equal voice on countywide issues. This year we will also be accepting nominations in this category for businesses and organizations that also support the Network’s mission.
Friends of the Network application
lifetime achievement
Lifetime Achievement awards recognize individuals from Napa County who have demonstrated strong community leadership and made significant contributions to the Hispanic Network’s mission over at least a 10-year period. Send an email to for any inquiries or nominations.

Felix Bedolla

Hector Brambilla
Teresa Foster
Carmen Garcia

Tala De Wynter

Leon Garcia

Bryan Kelly

Karmen Loftis

Sueshana Ellington

Napa Valley Vintners

Frances Ortiz Chavez

Gerardo Perez

Sue Nahass

Virginia Romero

Jess Romero

Rosaura Segura

Cathy Valenzuela

Ole Health

Terence Mulligan

"Anything is possible when you
have the right friends supporting you."
- Nchn -
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